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Custom Development
We Build It For You.
We develop your new software on time - you control the priority.
Complete, accurate software development services

Web Content Management
Creating/ Enhancing Your Web Presence.
Web, mobile, intranet, extranet, online stores - we do it all.
Web content management and development

Portals & Governance
Systems That Help You Work Together.
Share data, docs, and statistics between depart-ments - and even with customers.
Intranet design, content management systems, document sharing

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The content backlog is your team’s visual contract that states who is tackling what tasks at what priority.

Organizations try to set themselves apart from their competition by creating products that meet user needs and offer a unique and enjoyable experience. To maximize the user experience, a given product should always undergo usability testing.

With the rise in use of mobile technology, software developers continue to push the limits of what we think is possible. When creating apps (or any product), it is critical to its success that end users are able to understand how to interact with it. One method for assisting users in understanding an app is to provide tutorials.
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Client Testimonial

AJi doesn’t just have the theoretical knowledge. They’ve been in the trenches; they have authority when they speak. They use common sense.
- Karen Martinez, Manager of Development Customer Innovation and Support, University of Kansas Medical Center
I like the quality of people AJi Software employs—they are current in their knowledge of the technology, they have a great work ethic, and are highly motivated. They genuinely like what they’re doing and are genuinely excited about doing it.
- Jeffrey Knight, Vice President of Software Development, ScriptPro
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Whether you need custom software design services, web and mobile apps, intranet and content management, or maybe just a little extra help for your team, AJi is ready to help. We help you achieve your business vision on time—every time.

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