Intranets, Portals, and Governance

Do you need to collaborate between departments?  Does your business need a system that can share documents, content, or other information? 

By creating a shared content management system (CMS) with an easily accessible portal tool, your team can quickly and easily:

  •    Share product marketing literature
  •    Measure the impact of sales campaigns
  •    Create a performance dashboard
  •    Track sales metrics
  •    Onboard new employees through multiple departments
  •    Route a document to several managers for sign-off


Your content management system (CMS) can be an intranet—or even an extranet to share with your customers.  Contact us today to find out if a CMS is right for you.

Client Testimonial

AJi doesn’t just have the theoretical knowledge. They’ve been in the trenches; they have authority when they speak. They use common sense.
- Karen Martinez, Manager of Development Customer Innovation and Support, University of Kansas Medical Center
AJi’s flexibility was great. They developed requirements to meet our needs and were comfortable changing them on the fly. They can ‘go with the flow’ to fit our parameters.
- Ed Huels, Director of IT, Zahner
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Whether you need custom software design services, web and mobile apps, intranet and content management, or maybe just a little extra help for your team, AJi is ready to help. We help you achieve your business vision on time—every time.

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