Enterprise Content Management and How We Can Help

When someone uses the term content management, typically they are referring to an online system used to store the digital assets of a business to make it possible to collaborate, organize, and present those assets to a target audience. These assets are referred to as content. Content can take the form of an article, graphics, white paper, Word document, plain text, video, and many more.

Every year the capabilities of Enterprise Content Management Systems, ECM or CMS, or grow in line with the needs of customers and digital trends. If you last updated your corporate web site in 2012, think about all the new devices your customers now carry and use when looking up information about your area of business. It is time to consider the CMS as critical to your organization as your ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, or CRM, Customer Relationship Management, systems. We must always put our best face forward inside and outside of our companies if we want to continue growing and maintaining existing customers and employees in the modern digital era.

You and Your Customers

Over the next few years, marketing teams will own more than 50% of the overall IT spend of an organization. This is a huge shift that will allow content producing teams to be empowered with control their CMS platforms without IT intervention. Now our customers can benefit from faster release cycles and more content since the time needed with a developer has been minimized.

Marketing departments are not the only ones who are seeing shift due to modern trends. Now sales teams can track more information about their leads and customers through software integrated with these Enterprise Content Management Systems. Rich integration like this will be one of the driving factors that set your company apart from the competition. Customers absolutely want you to provide them something more valuable that a list of your services and locations. We must act while the iron is hot.

You and Your Staff

Long gone are the days when someone gets out of school, finds a job, and works for the same employer until retirement. I know this is not news to you, but the internal systems we produce do not model this reality. Intranets and corporate applications are typically full of stale content and out of date forms. We have worked with customers whose employees are forced to use browser technology that is 10 years old due to internal system constraints. This means your employees are far less empowered than your customers.

New team members are excited to get started when landing a new role, if the first thing they see is your dated Intranet site that was created before the iPad while using a browser that was released when they were in middle school, some of that excitement will diminish.

Examples Of Typical AJi Engagements

When you think of AJi, we want you to think of us as a partner who delivers, not just another vendor. We have three target customers inside an organization: The leaders in Marketing, Communications, and Information Technology. Here are some sample scenarios of projects we can help with:

Marketing Teams
  • Redesign of online presence
  • Agile Assessment and Education
  • Modernization of existing website to work with mobile devices
  • Integration with Line-of-Business applications
  • Full feature eCommerce websites
  • Customer-facing mobile applications
Communications Teams
  • Intranet design and deployment
  • Content development strategies and Agile planning
  • Employee/Customer surveys
  • Client and other Extranet portals
  • Integration with Line-of-Business applications
  • Mobile applications for your teams to increase productivity
Technology Teams
  • Migration of existing platform to the Cloud
  • Custom Application Development
  • Migration of existing systems to the Azure Cloud Platform
  • Agile and ALM strategies for teams
  • Integration with Line-of-Business application
  • Enterprise mobile applications

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Client Testimonial

AJi doesn’t just have the theoretical knowledge. They’ve been in the trenches; they have authority when they speak. They use common sense.
- Karen Martinez, Manager of Development Customer Innovation and Support, University of Kansas Medical Center
AJi’s flexibility was great. They developed requirements to meet our needs and were comfortable changing them on the fly. They can ‘go with the flow’ to fit our parameters.
- Ed Huels, Director of IT, Zahner
AJi is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of development. They are very flexible working with us—even when priorities change.
- Jason Hailey, Manager, Information Management, Veterans of Foreign Wars

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