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Does your business need a system that can share documents, content, or other information?

How much would your company benefit from an portal for your customers?

Is a mobile-ready enterprise something you need to address now?
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Benefits of a Well-Designed Intranet

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  •    Share product marketing literature
  •    Measure the impact of sales campaigns
  •    Create a performance dashboard
  •    Track sales metrics
  •    Onboard new employees through multiple departments
  •    Route a document to several managers for sign-off

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Our team is focused on getting you to the cloud when it makes sense. Give us a call and we can walk you through the options available for your company.
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In this article I will tell a story, give a few examples of areas you can monitor, and list a few ways to use software to help provide better customer experiences in your content marketing efforts.

Rob Zaleski from MarketingProfs and Jeff sat down this past week in Austin, Texas to discuss the world of Marketing and upcoming events.

The sun was shining and the coffee was steaming; we couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off our Day of Marketing in Denver, Colorado. Thanks to Microsoft, and our guest speakers Carla Johnson, Andrea Fryrear and Jeff Julian, the day was full of relevant and applicable information about storytelling, content creation, and Agile marketing methodologies.

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference was hosted in St. Louis at the Union Station. With over 1,300 people in attendance and 24 guest speakers, the day was full of education and networking among marketing students and professionals. Throughout the day AJi interviewed several of the speakers to better understand what they do and to gain advice for our listeners.

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Client Testimonial

AJi is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of development. They are very flexible working with us—even when priorities change.
- Jason Hailey, Manager, Information Management, Veterans of Foreign Wars
AJi doesn’t just have the theoretical knowledge. They’ve been in the trenches; they have authority when they speak. They use common sense.
- Karen Martinez, Manager of Development Customer Innovation and Support, University of Kansas Medical Center
AJi’s flexibility was great. They developed requirements to meet our needs and were comfortable changing them on the fly. They can ‘go with the flow’ to fit our parameters.
- Ed Huels, Director of IT, Zahner

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