Pandora and the Future of Online Streaming

Gabe Tartaglia - MDMC 2016

Featuring: Gabe Tartaglia

Recorded on: May 03, 2016

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Pandora is a brand everyone knows and has heard of; but what do they do that sets them apart from the others in the music streaming world? Jeff Julian sits down with Gabe Tartaglia to dive into their differences and discuss the exciting new changes we can see from Pandora in the near future.

For the past five years Gabe has served as Vice President of Sales, where he oversees the sales operations and revenue for the Central Region of the United States.  Prior to Pandora, Gabe held various positions over 17 years at CBS, including running market sales for CBS Radio in Chicago, IL and Hartford, CT. Gabe holds Bachelor of Science Degrees in Marketing and Management Information Systems from Miami University.

The two also discuss the evolution of Pandora from a primarily desktop service to an 80% mobile service, the Midwest market, and how customer engagement is key to a company’s success (and how Pandora has done this with their customers and staff musicologists).