Marketing in Times of Disengagement

Alberto Brea - MDMC 2016

Featuring: Alberto Brea

Recorded on: May 09, 2016

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For some a big agency can seem intimidating, but Alberto Brea from Ogilvy One speaks to the many benefits of having everything under one roof in this ever changing digital world.

Alberto is an Executive Director, Engagement Planning. In this role, he provides strategic advice in consumer experience planning.   Alberto brings a diverse background to Ogilvy; 15 years of experience leading strategic engagements in branding, customer research and digital experience in the U.S., Latin America and global markets.  Prior Joining Ogilvy, he run global communications planning for HP large enterprise, SMB and software across Omnicom agencies. And head the experience planning team at RAPP.  Passionate about insights and ideas, with postgraduate education including an MPA in International Economics, MS in Integrated Marketing Communications, an MBA in Operations Management, and courses in UX design and coding.

While neither Jeff nor Alberto come from a military background they use the Army as an example of having players with different specializations on the same team; this same idea is relevant to marketing teams and agencies as well. We need players who understand digital, data, traditional, and every form in between that way there’s flexibility.

Another way in which marketing was pictured was in comparison to pie. *CAUTION: do not read if you are hungry* In this world of marketing, we are all a slice of the pie; but it’s fluid and runs together and in the same container. If we were all to act that way, fluid and not stuck in our spot, Jeff and Alberto believe we would be more successful from the expertise everyone could offer each other. Enjoy this and many other insights from their discussion.