The Rise of the Connected Marketer

Michael Becker - MDMC 2016

Featuring: Michael Becker

Recorded on: May 12, 2016

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Michael Becker ended this year’s MDMC on an appropriate note; by challenging the attendees to think ahead, to explore what this “era of connectivity” means. As someone who has been in the mobile and digital world since 1996, he has witnessed the evolution of marketing. In his conversation with Jeff, he discusses the fundamental change that is happening today with people globally, how data will play into this connected era, and how marketers will have to evolve to meet people where they are.

With predictions that in the next 5+/- years each individual will have 10 devices with 140 sensors, Jeff and Michael also dive into the structure of businesses and how it will change, how we as marketers will need to become more predictive, as well as how Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence will play into this “era of connectivity”.

Michael Becker is a Co-founder & Managing Partner for mCordis, a mobile marketing strategic advisory and education service provider.  Michael and the team at mCordis  (1) advise brand marketers on how to embrace mobile within their strategies, (2) support AdTech & MarTech vendors in their effort to service brands and retailers and (3) prepare marketing professionals for a digitally led world through our professional qualification in mobile marketing courses. 

Michael is a strategic advisor to Assurant Solutions, FunMobility, Shopper Army and Privowny. He is the co-author of Mobile Marketing for Dummies and number of other books and articles. He is on the faculty of marketing for the Association of National Advertisers, Direct Marketing Association, the Path-to-Purchase Institute and National University.

Michael previously worked with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) as both a board member and Managing Director and he was the co-founder of iLoop Mobile, a leading messaging solutions provider. He was awarded the 2014 Marketing EDGE Edward Mayer Education Leadership Award for his commitment to marketing education.