Marketing Automation and Hatchbuck CRM

Don Breckenridge - MDMC 2016

Featuring: Don Breckenridge

Recorded on: May 18, 2016

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While large and enterprise sized companies have been using automation services for years now, Hatchbuck has come onto the stage for the little guys; an affordable automation service for small business that starts at the heart of the issue. It’s all about meeting your customers where they’re at.

At MDMC Jeff had the privilege of sitting down with Hatchbuck’s founder, Don Breckenridge, to discuss the role they play in the market for small businesses. Don goes into detail talking about the onboarding process they take clients through and how they break down content to stay at the forefront of customers’ minds. Not only that, but Jeff and Don discuss what it means to have good content and how to create and nurture it when you’ve got a limited staff and resources; as well as how beneficial it is to sit down and interview customers (like this one with Don)!

Don Breckenridge, Jr. is a lifelong entrepreneur and co-founder of Hatchbuck, an easy-to-use sales and marketing software designed to help small and midsized businesses grow. A passionate innovator, Breckenridge has a track record of launching and building successful software companies.  In 1999, he co-founded Sendouts, an on-demand software for third party recruiting professionals. With Sendouts, Breckenridge drove the vision and development, raised both private and venture capital funding, grew the user base and sold the company to a private equity group in 2009.

After exiting Sendouts in 2010, Breckenridge identified an unmet need in the marketplace for a sales and marketing automation tool that catered to the unique requirements of SMBs.  He and his partners leveraged their experience in SaaS to launch Hatchbuck, a simple and affordable sales and marketing automation product that helps SMB’s easily nurture relationships, increase sales and grow.

Outside of driving the vision and development behind Hatchbuck, Breckenridge spends time with his wife and kids, is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization, and impacts the community through involvement in the Muscular Dystrophy Association.