Young Entrepreneurs and Sharing Knowledge

Sylvester Chisom - MDMC 2016

Featuring: Sylvester Chisom

Recorded on: May 19, 2016

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It’s never too young to become an entrepreneur! Both Jeff and Sylvester Chisom can speak from personal experience in regards to this. At MDMC they were able to sit down and swap stories, as well as provide their own perspectives on what mindset and education is necessary to be successful, and how to jump the hurdles that are inevitable. 

As someone who wasn’t the perfect student, Jeff understands the struggle many young people have today in our education system. Both he and Sylvester agree that people who are hard wired for entrepreneurship should be taught the basics (math, reading, writing, science, etc.) in relation to their passion(s). Sylvester has already taken steps to help guide our youth channel these passions by putting his experiences into an educational format that is now being used in school across the country.

Sylvester Chisom has been recognized as one of Ebony Magazine’s Top Young Entrepreneurs.  He cofounded Showroom Shine with a water hose and a bucket at the young age of 17.  He has grown his company to have multiple locations and to be winners of the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards 4 years in a row for best detail shop in the nation.

He is the author of two books including the bestselling, “The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success 2.0.” Sylvester has earned a reputation as a leading authority on motivating students to success through entrepreneurship. His books and his online $50 Startup program are being used in school districts and colleges across the country. Sylvester keeps a busy schedule as a keynote speaker and consulting with organizations, companies, and schools.

He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, INC Magazine, The Washington Times, The Huffington Post, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and more. Sylvester’s inspiring personal stories and helpful strategies have reached more than a million aspiring entrepreneurs and counting.