12 Helpful iOS Design Tools - UXPA KC May Meeting

Posted 5/7/2014 2:07 PM by Jeff Julian

Another great UXPA KC group meeting for the month of May.  On Cinco de Mayo, Ryan Keairns presented on iOS 7 Design.  Ryan’s presentation centered on his process from thought to final design output and testing.  The real world problems and his approach to solving them was very refreshing.  Useagility sponsored the event and provided a great selection of food for the holiday and a nice meeting space. 

During the event I did my best to write down the applications and tools Ryan uses during his process.  Here are some links he mentioned during his presentation:

Links for Sketching and Mockups Tools

  • Dot Grid – Sketch pad paper that uses dots on the intersections of where traditional lines on grid paper.
  • Sketch 3 – Design tools focused on ease-of-use, flexibility, and speed
  • Moqups – Online wireframing tool.  Pricing starts at $9.00
  • Balsamiq – A Rapid wireframing tool with tons of UI elements to pick from.  We have been using this one for over a year now at AJi.

iOS (and other) Design Links

  • Screensiz.es – Shows the different resolutions and other valuable measures for mobile devices
  • Ratchet – “Bootstrap for iOS” is how Ryan put it.  Looks like an excellent resource.
  • Slicy – Better way to slice your PSD files
  • MarvelApp – A Free Prototyping tool for mobile and web.
  • InVision – Prototyping, Collaboration, and Workflow for Designers
  • UX Archive – An iPhone design archive system.
  • Pttrns – Mobile device pattern repository
  • Capptivate.co – Mobile device animation repository