Chat with Dave and Stuart from RFP365

Posted 2/12/2014 6:23 PM by Jeff Julian

We sit down with the Dave Hulsen and Stuart Ludlow of RFP365 to talk about the RFP process, how their company addresses that process, and what technologies they use. Near the end of the show we talk about how founding a start-up in Kansas City has helped them grow their company.

RFP365 was founded by Stuart Ludlow and David Hulsen in 2012. In the years before launching RFP365, Stuart ran a software consulting company. A client hired Stuart on three separate occasions to respond to similar RFPs, without knowing about the previous proposals he created. Dave also worked for a software consulting company and issued some large RFPs. When he emailed out a collection of documents, including PDFs and Excel spreadsheets, he knew the process hadn't matured.

These guys really know their stuff and we are definitely looking forward to embracing this RFP tool into our sales process at AJi.

RFP 365

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