Final Preparations for the Day of Marketing Event in Denver

Posted 6/2/2016 7:11 AM by Jeff Julian

We are just moments away from our first Day of Marketing event in Denver.  During our day, Carla Johnson, Andrea Fryrear, and I will present a few ideas around how your team can become more focused on the customer in your marketing while gaining the benefits of agile planning for content. 

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What makes this day so special compared to other events?  A few things. 

One, each speaker is known in the industry specifically for the niche topic they are presenting on.  Carla Johnson has a book out with Robert Rose on Customer Experiences, Andrea has spoken at many national events and written for several well-known marketing organizations, and I released my book on Agile Marketing back in January. We have years of experience focusing on these areas and sharing our findings, but on this day, you will find each of us sitting in the sessions learning from the others.  I know I can’t wait to sit in Carla’s talk, being a fanboy of the book, and I am looking forward to hearing Andrea’s independent take on Agile Marketing execution. 

The second item that makes this event unique is the community-driven approach.  We want to gather the Denver marketing community together for a day to learn and share ideas, meet new friends, and celebrate the awesome time we are currently in as marketers.  At the end of the day, we are planning to discuss what worked well and didn’t work well to make the next event even better.

Finally, you will not sit there all day and listen to us talk.  Each session will be prepared to have a portion of it as lecture and another portion as hand-on-lab.   The idea is most marketers sit for one day and get 5 to 6 different ideas thrown at them during the day, generating tons of excitement.  Once the day is over, no patterns or exercises were practiced, and you are left picking your favorite and trying to put it into action.  We want to break that pattern.  After each session, you will have worked through a series of activities that will give you the initial steps you need to go back and get started.

Our partners at Microsoft, Type A Communications, MarketerGizmo, and AJi want to provide an amazing experience for you to learn new ideas, expand on current thoughts, and come up with a few of your own to share.