Introduction To Axure - Part I

Posted 7/7/2014 8:34 PM by Curtis Lauterbach and Michael Nelson

In user experience design, many tools allow designers to reach the same destination in a project.  As user experience professionals, the tool we love is Axure. What is Axure? How easy is it to use? What are its pros and cons? In this series of articles, we discuss each question as it relates to Axure.

What is Axure?

Axure is a program for creating drafts, wire frames, and prototypes of projects, which many professionals in the UX industry now consider as the golden standard for prototyping. Axure is widely popular in the design world because of how the program functions and what it can produce. Right out of the box, Axure allows the designer to easily and rapidly build wire frames through a variety of intuitive features including drag and drop elements, widgets, templates, and multiple interactive options for end users. During the crafting process, Axure also allows the designer to preview and share the prototype online or through a series of exported images, making presenting ideas to others efficient.

In addition, Axure offers online tutorials for learning and has a fantastic online community where one can find additional libraries of templates and elements for all of their prototyping needs. With this combination of features, Axure provides designers with all of the tools necessary to make both basic drafts of ideas and high fidelity prototypes, with the option to quickly share them. This makes Axure very versatile for work environments as designers can draft, share, and mold ideas over time into high fidelity wire frames using the same program.

Axure not only makes wire framing a breeze, but it also compliments project collaboration. With the ability to share designs at any point in the process, other team members working on the project in different capacities can see where the design is going and give feedback to the design team. In addition, through the use of interactive elements and the preview function, designers can use Axure prototypes in usability tests of the product with target users to get critical feedback on the design throughout its development. User and team feedback is highly beneficial for creating the desired product by giving designers multiple user points of view and can save designers time. All around, Axure is a helpful tool in the design process.

Article Series

  1. Introduction to Axure
  2. Using Axure RP
  3. The Pros and Cons of Axure RP
  4. Project Lifecycle with Axure RP
  5. Usablility Testing with Axure RP