Create Your Content Plan Today! - Basics of an Agile Content Strategy

Posted 9/22/2014 3:31 PM by AJi Marketing Team

In a more simple time, the outlets offering news and information of the world were limited and sometimes, scarce. The content landscape of today is vastly different. Choices of information hubs are overwhelming and readers are select with how they dedicate their time and their clicks. Good content cannot be faked. However, good content also takes time. What if we told you there was a system that Fortune 500 companies, like Microsoft, use that could be applied to high-quality content production for marketing teams as small as one? Agile Development has most often been utilized on the software development side of companies to create superior products and solutions efficiently. However, this process and way of thinking can aid marketing teams in how they produce content. Let us explain…

Agile Development is a group of software development methods in which requirements evolve through a conversation and self-organization of team members. The system promotes planning that is more fluid, has earlier delivery times and is continually improving. You may be asking, “What does software development and my brand or client’s brand writing blog posts and social media content have to do one another?” Answer: A lot, actually. The values of Agile extend very naturally to content planning. An agile approach:

  • Is Task-oriented and focused on defining when a job is "done."

    Content marketing requires different checkpoints of research, composition and deployment and clearly defined standards help elevate this process to new efficiency standards.

  • Values communication accountability

    An Agile process emphasizes the importance of "stand-up" meetings (regulated team meetings on the progress of work). Creating great content requires team members to be accountable and to fluidly communicate to meet audience demands.

  • Is always focused on improving

    The constant conversation intertwined in the agile process inherently evaluates efforts as a team moves through the process. Therefore, each end result improves upon the last.

Purposing the Agile Development process for content marketing is a perfect match. You may now be asking, “How can this work for my team?” We can help with that one, too. As a company that has made a business of creating solutions, AJi Software understands complicated planning processes. We grasp the elements of good content and we see that Agile parallels gracefully to uphold these in content development. By assigning specific tasks and expectations to team members for each piece of content as it moves through development, marketing managers can create content on a much more massive and efficient scale. This is a visual example of how pieces of content could possibly be charted out, assigned and evaluated by team members on its way to production:


As you can see, each piece of content has specific callouts for team members to understand the content story, how the story demonstrates value to the audience and the priority of the piece.

This agile process can be learned and applied to marketing teams of any size and any industry background to help them produce superior content. If you think this approach could be a good system for your team, the next steps are:

  • Determining what goals your company or client wants to reach with the content.
  • Work with other departments (particularly sales) to understand the different customer personas that contribute to your bottom line.
  • Work with AJi to help you get started.

From here, you can start to formulate what kinds of content and what volume will help reach goals. The Agile Content Development process can step in at this point to help you create the process by which content is deemed “post-worthy.” Tired of feeling like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall when it comes to content marketing? A more agile approach could help you get the job done.

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