Recap - Midwest Marketing Show: Connections Podcast from MDMC 2016

Posted 6/7/2016 4:18 PM by Krista Poore

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference was hosted in St. Louis at the Union Station and we were there to capture some of the amazing content being presented. With over 1,300 people in attendance and 24 guest speakers, the day was full of education and networking among marketing students and professionals. Throughout the day AJi interviewed several of the speakers to better understand what they do and to gain advice for our listeners. You can find a brief recap along with links to the full length interviews below:

Travis Estes - MDMC 2016
Travis EstesHyper Local Marketing at the St. Louis Symphony – Travis addresses what it looks like to market to a hyper local market with a wide range of demographics, how we keep the performing arts relevant and attractive, and predicts how the world of mobile devices will take the stage (pun intended).

Stuart Draper - MDMC 2016
Stuart DraperThe Future of Digital Marketing Education – Bridging the time gap between academic texts and the current industry is just one issue Stukent strives to resolve. Along with the solution his company provides, Stuart gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Travis Scheridan - MDMC 2016
Travis SheridanMinimal Viable Aspiration and Startups – While the Venture Café is not a coffee shop, it is a place where marketing professionals come together for education and networking. Travis shares his experience as an entrepreneur, his predictions of how VR and AR will change the digital marketing world, and his new term Minimal Viable Aspiration.

Gabe Tartaglia - MDMC 2016
Gabe TartagliaPandora and the Future of Online Streaming – Gabe dives into what sets Pandora apart; their people, especially the musicologists! He also discusses the power there is at the local level and what to expect from Pandora in the future.

>David Kidd - MDMC 2016
David KiddThe State of SEO, Social Media, and Strategy – Diving into the Digital Marketing Agency space, Jeff and David discuss what it means to work in a smaller market, the shift in mindset with SEO and social media, as well as what conferences like MDMC mean for this digital marketing world.

Lori Feldman - MDMC 2016
Lori FeldmanA Blueprint for Marketing Automation – Also known as The Database Diva, Lori explains the relevance of email marketing, the success and pitfalls that accompany it, and why flexibility is so important in the digital marketing space.

Alberto Brea - MDMC 2016
Alberto BreaMarketing in Times of Disengagement – Alberto provides the perspective of a large agency along with several comparisons to the army and pie that make the digital marketing world much easier to relate to. *If you are hungry, proceed with caution*

 Lisa Grimm & Minji Choi
UMSL MentorsA Success Story in UMSL’s Mentors Program – Lisa Grimm of 10X Studios and Minji Choi of UMSL share the story of their mentoring relationship and give us an inside look of the Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program that will be launching in the Fall.

Steve Carter - MDMC 2016
Steve CarterIoT and Matching at eHarmony – From romantic relationships, to work relationships, and the relationship you have with your phone, everything is covered in a funny anecdote of Jeff’s children and Steve’s “big baby” moment.

Michael Becker - MDMC 2016
Michael BeckerThe Rise of the Connected Marketer – In his conversation with Jeff, Michael discusses the fundamental change that is happening with people globally, how data will play into this connected era, and how marketers will have to evolve to meet people where they are.

Roni Chambers - MDMC 2016
Roni ChambersThe CEO of You – The importance of building your own brand, staying up to date on the market, how to reverse engineer your life to find a job that will fit, and what current companies are doing to promote growth and health for their employees are just a few areas of expertise Roni offers advice in.

Don Breckenridge - MDMC 2016
Don BreckenridgeMarketing Automation and Hatchbuck CRM – While large and enterprise sized companies have been using automation services for years now, Hatchbuck has come onto the stage for the little guys; an affordable automation service for small business that starts at the heart of the issue. Don states, “it’s all about meeting your customers where they’re at.”

Sylvester Chisom - MDMC 2016
Sylvester ChisomYoung Entrepreneurs and Sharing Knowledge – You’re never too young to become an entrepreneur! Both Jeff and Sylvester Chisom can speak from personal experience in regards to this. They swap stories, as well as provide their own perspectives on what mindset and education is necessary to be successful, and how to jump the hurdles that are inevitable. 

Michael Halbrook - MDMC 2016
Michael HalbrookGetting “Cloudy” at Adobe – Adobe is more than just PDFs and Photoshop, it’s a “cloudy” company with 3 specific clouds to meet every need. Senior Manager Michael Halbrook sat down with Jeff to discuss how Adobe has evolved, what their Marketing Cloud has to offer, and some of the big name companies they have successfully worked with recently; including Under Armour, Cocoa-Cola, and the Girl Scouts of America.