B2B/B2C at Associated Wholesale Grocers

Kate Favrow

Featuring: Kate Favrow

Recorded on: December 31, 2014

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This week we are joined by Kate Favrow, Corporate Marketing Manager of Associated Wholesale Grocers. Kate has an awesome job with one of the largest employers in Kansas City that most people are not familiar with or know what they do. Kate will bring us up to speed on that topic and walk us through how she got started with her career and her transition from in-person event marketing at NASCAR events to her current team at AWG. Kate leads a team of 11 and works on both B2B marketing efforts for her customers, as well as B2C efforts for the customer of the grocers she works with. During this recording you will learn how important the role of AWG is in our lives and hear the passion Kate has for her customers and how much AWG really cares.  Let us know what you think by rating this show on iTunes or Stitcher.

Bio: Kate Favrow

As the Corporate Marketing Manager for Associated Wholesale Grocers, Kate spends her days helping independent grocery stores retain relevance in the ever-evolving grocery landscape. She also manages internal corporate initiatives ranging from the utilization of social media by AWG’s private label brands to implementation of new technology platforms within the company.

Kate previously worked for a large consumer product goods company and traveled the U.S. as an Event Marketing Rep at NASCAR events. She lives in the Kansas City metro where she watches way too many sporting events and enjoys the culinary delights of the KC food scene. You can find her blog posts for Advertising Week.