Marketing Through Partner Networks and Influencers

Erin Everts

Featuring: Erin Everts

Recorded on: March 03, 2015

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Show Description

Erin Everts, a Partner Account Manager for ClickDimensions, joined the show this week to talk about influencer and partner marketing.  She starts off the show by walking us through her journey from a career in sports marketing in CA and FL and then her transition to the North Central region of the country landing in Fargo, ND doing work for Microsoft.  Now at ClickDimensions, she works with her network of partners to help facilitate learning and deliver content to help them educate their own audiences.  Erin shares what ClickDimensions specializes in and how they work with their partners to continue the growth of their organization.  If you are thinking about how to care and feed an influencer or partner network, this episode is for you.

The Threes

Erin was asked what three strategies she would suggest to others who are looking to build partner networks or influencers to make sure they build strong relationships.  Here are her answers:

  • Have a Benefit – Ensure your partners have a benefit available for their effort.  Remember, they are audience members and need value to stay.
  • Be Resource Heavy - Provide your partner with all the resources required to succeed.
  • Keep It Simple – Make it very easy for your influencers to get information from you or connect with you.