Social Media and Web Development at KCADC

Angela Orr

Featuring: Angela Orr

Recorded on: March 11, 2015

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Show Description

Angela Orr, Social Media Specialist at the Kansas City Area Development Council, joined our show today to talk about Social Media and Website Development.  Angie is a great, energetic marketer who is not afraid to dive in and get dirty in the realm of marketing technology.  During the episode we get to know how Angela began her career after attending UCM and how she found her way to the KCADC.  We focus a large amount of time talking about finding audience and delivering valuable content and social media.

The Threes

I ask Angie to address her favorite three social networks and what their unique qualities are and how business can find if they fit.

  • Instagram – She loves that you can’t have a link in your post, so if you users want to interact, they have to work at it.  Allows you to build strong relationships.
  • Twitter – Angie stresses the need to share content links more than once and Twitter is a great place where that is welcome. 
  • Pinterest – Is the fastest growing social network and is not just for moms, babies, and weddings.  You can fill the need of your users by allowing them to group you with other thought leaders in their area.