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Andrea Garcia

Featuring: Andrea Garcia

Recorded on: June 16, 2015

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Show Description

Andrea Garcia has an HR background, but turned into a marketer and is now a Marketing Specialist at AWG here in Kansas City.  On this show, Andrea talks about the Social Media Club of Kansas City and gives us an idea of what to expect if we are attending our first event.  This group has grown significantly over the past few years and the leadership has done an amazing job to continue to go above and beyond expectations. 


Andrea Garcia is a self-proclaimed grocery nerd and social media junkie. As a Marketing Specialist, focused on vendor relationship management at Associated Wholesale Grocers she spends most of her day bringing together consumer product goods companies, digital marketing, and grocery store customers. In the ten years prior to joining AWG Andrea was at Cerner in various roles across the company including Insurance Analysis, Recruiting, Marketing, Sales, and Client Management.

She graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a B.S. in Industrial Psychology and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Andrea is a lover of all things Kansas City. She is a KC food scene aficionado and kind of a yupster (cross between yuppie and hipster). She spends too much time tweeting about soccer, bad word play, and her little beige dog, LP.

The Threes

For our “threes” section on the show, I ask Andrea for three tips she would give to another marketing community that would help promote, as well as prepare, for success and she gives us some awesome answers with movie analogies as well!

  • Bring It On – Get your inspiration for many different places.  Andrea looks to local soccer groups, WWE, and other non-traditional marketing groups
  • Almost Famous – Take steps you are not ready to take.  SMCKC took on an awards event and even though they didn’t think they were ready, but it was a huge success.
  • Jurassic Park – Learn how to edit and when enough is enough.  Don’t do too much and focus on not burning out your volunteers.