Social Advertising Strategies for Content

Alyssa Murfey

Featuring: Alyssa Murfey

Recorded on: June 24, 2015

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Show Description

Alyssa Murfey, Director of Content Strategy at emfluence, joins us for her second time on the show to continue our conversation on Content Marketing and Content Strategy as she dives into expanding your reach with beautiful advertising.  After a quick reintroduction, she tells us about her experience on the team that represented KC at an awards event in Vegas where the team came in second place overall.  Alyssa shares her thoughts and experiences with advertising to help boost content with social media.  There are tons of amazing examples and information in this episode.

The Threes

Alyssa answers what three social advertising channels or techniques she is excited about adopting for your clients.

  • Buyable Pins – The ability to sell your Pinterest creations straight from Pinterest. 
  • Instagram Advertising – Ads that tell a story via the photo sharing network.
  • LinkedIn Pulse – The news and content sharing feed of LinkedIn.