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David Held

Featuring: David Held

Recorded on: July 11, 2015

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Show Description

David Held, Senior Marketing Manager at Border States Electric in Fargo, ND, joined the show this week to talk about Content Marketing in B2B organizations and the challenges teams face when moving forward.  David has a broad range of experience from publishing, agency, sales enablement, and now team leadership and they all come out in the depth of his marketing knowledge. 

During this show, we learn more about how Border States Electric helps their customers using Content Marketing and some of the specific tactics they have deployed.

The Threes

David answers what are his three tips he suggests B2B organizations who are fighting the good fight of changing the old-school mentality about marketing to drive their Experience era initiatives.  Here are his tips:

  • Make sure leadership understands the vernacular – If your stakeholders are using “air quotes” when they say “blog” or “content marketing,” they most likely do not understand the tactic and need education.
  • Don’t focus on the wrong audience – Your customer is your competition, not the guy across the street.  Quit focusing on those you compete with and keep your eye on the audience.
  • Solve the problems your customers don’t know they have – Making connections with customers will help show others in your organization the value of your Content Marketing efforts.
  • *BONUS* Understand the buyer’s journey – Keep in mind the entire buyer’s journey and make sure there is a place for the sales team.  They should have access to your content and help answer your lead’s and customer’s questions.


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