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Mark Tennant

Featuring: Mark Tennant

Recorded on: July 15, 2015

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Show Description

Saying there is variety in Mark Tennant’s background would be an understatement.  In high school in the 70’s he was the first high school kid on the air, and continued on overnight radio in Cleveland.  Mark went into the armed forces, but returned to do some sports radio with the Browns.  Pre-podcast era, Mark and his team did a NASCAR show that was very innovative.

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Mark is a great example of Gary Vee’s hustle mentality.  He has two full-time jobs and he says he doesn’t have time to take it easy.  For this show, we talk about his unique format for his podcast, Slice A Day.  He is a big fan of Content Marketing and content curations and he blends them by looking for great articles and interviewing authors to continue the conversation about the post. 

This daily show is an excellent resource for your commute as a marketer.  Yeah, you heard that right, DAILY show.  Pull it up and listen to the interviews and find out if you want to dig into the long form version of the post or if the podcast was enough for you.

The Threes

I ask Mark the question, what are the biggest mistakes he sees in folks developing articles.

  • Dig in a little deeper – Don’t only focus on the headline and deliver short on the content.  Last thing you want to do is set a high expectation and deliver poor value.
  • Don’t quit, keep going – Content Marketing takes a while, make small changes and not quick decisions about your efforts.
  • Continue your education – Content Marketing is an art, you need to keep learning and getting better