Content Inc. and the Content Tilt

Joe Pulizzi

Featuring: Joe Pulizzi

Recorded on: August 17, 2015

Show Description

When you listen to the first few minutes of the show, you will absolutely hear the excitement in my voice about this week’s guest, Joe Pulizzi.  Joe is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute and the designated Godfather of Content Marketing.  On this show he joins us to talk about his new book, Content Inc.

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It is great to hear the journey of how Joe grew from 1 and is now the cheerleader for the organization.  I also really enjoyed hearing about what a day looks like in Joe’s shoes. With Content Marketing World right around the corner, Joe outlines a little bit about what it is like to build up for the event.

Jessica Best joins the show around the 20 minute mark to teach us about the anatomy of the email.  This is part of the new format of the show to go beyond just the interview.  Jessica and others will be sharing their knowledge in short segments on each show in the future. 

Finally, if you are an entrepreneur, small business marketer, or even a member of an enterprise team, Joe unfolds why the practice of content marketing works and the mechanics behind.  It is cool to see how passionate Joe is about entrepreneurship and his willingness to produce content for an audience that he is prepared to take a loss for.  I am sure he will see amazing amounts of success with this book and it will help so many business owners and marketers. 

The Threes

I ask Joe what are his three tips you would give an entrepreneur who is struggling to get started with Content Marketing?

  • Identify the area you can be an expert - What is your niche? Get as small as you can get.
  • Focus on one content type – Get really good at one type of content
  • Build an audience and consistently release content – Focus on building up your core following and deliver value on a regular cadence