Community Building at Content Marketing Institute

Mo Wagner

Featuring: Monina Wagner

Recorded on: September 28, 2015

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Show Description

Monina Wagner, AKA Mo, is the Community Manager at the Content Marketing Institute.  Mo has a background in television and it really does show in her intense focus on learning what is going on right now. 

On this show, we discuss what it is like to run community for company who thrives in content marketing and what to expect if you are in charge of community at a large conference.  We recorded this episode right after she walked off stage of her Content Marketing World presentation and the first thing she wanted to do before we recorded was get to her base and check in with social.  She surely has her priorities correct.

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On a personal note, Mo was the first person to welcome me to Cleveland and I enjoyed several great conversations with her and her team.  Joe has built a great team and that should be part of the legacy of CMI.

The Threes

What are three tips you would give a marketer who is looking to build community?  Here is Mo’s response:

  • Create a channel plan – Review what is on the platform, what your audience wants, and where they are.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail – Not everything works but you should constantly be testing.
  • Continue the conversation – Know the difference between a question mark and a period.