Audiences and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Jeffrey K. Rohrs

Featuring: Jeffrey K. Rohrs

Recorded on: September 29, 2015

Show Description

Jeffrey K. Rohrs, CMO of Yext and author of Audience joins the show this week to talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), physical locations, and audience development.  Jeffrey has a fascinating background, starting as a lawyer then moving into marketing through a few career changes and opportunities he invested his time and talents into. 

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I absolutely love when we see marketers who are thought leaders that come out of non-traditional marketing backgrounds.  They bring so much from their previous careers to the table that we just don’t see being in our field since our college days.  Then on top of that, to be able to make the change and teach others is a quality that is rare, but evidently Jeffrey possesses.

I had the pleasure at Content Marketing World to meet up with Jeffrey at a few events and even meet his family.  What a creative bunch!  His wife, Jenny Rohrs (, has an incredible presence online and on television and I really hope to have her on the show in a future episode.  Jeffrey is by far the most hospitable person I met at Content Marketing World.

For those of you who are not familiar with Yext, their goal is to help you with locations.  9 years ago at launch, they helped companies with their online listings and continued to grow.  Jeffrey compares the importance of location data to the way digital marketers rely on email to reach their audience.  You can no longer control how your customers find your location.  With some many online sources for your data, it is critical you make sure they are kept in sync.

On September 29th, the date we released this podcast, Yext is announcing Xone, a beacon-based proximity offering that will let you interact with your customers at once they arrive at your door.  When you hear Jeffrey describe this and if work for or with a company who has a retail presence, your brain will fill with ideas on how this service could change the way we market to people.  Being a technology nerd, I think this type of technology is just what we need to increase engagement with our customers when they are in the store. 

Showrooming, the idea that you can go into someone’s business to test or touch a product with the intent to buy elsewhere due to pricing, has caused a major dilemma in retail.  There is a need for the business whose location is being used to get in front of that customer while they are on their device.  Not just offering of monetary incentives to purchase here, but more information about the products and uses that will increase their loyalty.

If you are in New York, Dallas, or Chicago, I highly suggest you check out the Beacon Mania event put on by Yext over the next few months. 

The Threes

I ask Jeffrey what are three tips he would give for a marketer who is starting to think about interacting with their audience on mobile devices and physical locations?  Here are his answers:

  • Get your location data right! – Even though providers are frustrating, make sure you get your location information right.  Not just address, but all metadata about your location’s offerings.
  • Leverage your home court You need to address the digital access to your store – It is not just about what signage or the look of your store, but what is that invisible digital offering your customers can experience?  How can you satisfy their need with the way they want to interact with you?
  • Look for ways to re-engage with the visitors of your store – Beacons and other forms of IoT are not just a one-and-done types of technology.  There are several other beacon programs that social networks are launching where you can interact with data and the customer.


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