Telling Amazing Stories at Children's Mercy Hospital

Jake Jacobson

Featuring: Jake Jacobson

Recorded on: October 05, 2015

Show Description

On this show, Jake Jacobson joins us to discuss the amazing career opportunities he has had in Public Relations and how he found his way to Children’s Mercy.  Jake is very passionate about PR and tells amazing stories of how his organization is helping families and advancing practices within the medical field. 

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For those of you unfamiliar with the organization, Children’s Mercy is one of the most amazing children’s hospitals throughout the Midwest.  I absolutely love having their services available in our region and it would definitely cause me to reconsider any move outside of the area. 

The Threes

Before the threes, Jake shared his tips for getting your teams excited about your content.  The tips he gave were to make the content meaningful, easy, and memorable.  Such great content and you have to listen to all the stories he shares along with those topics.

I put Jake on his toes and had him extend his threes during the show and had him offer tips for getting teams involved with content:

  • Make it Personal – Don’t make it a requirement, but find a way to have your team share those stories you are all passionate about.
  • Find the Character – Look for stories beyond your rock stars and your executives.  There are amazing stories all around.
  • Weave It Into the Community – Embrace your local community, they can be a huge advocate for you and your brand.