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Pamela Muldoon on the Midwest Marketing Show

Featuring: Pamela Muldoon

Recorded on: October 15, 2015

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Show Description

I was able to catch up with Pamela Muldoon, who is an experienced podcast host with a background in radio, at Content Marketing World for this episode on podcasting.  Pamela has been podcasting since 2009 and is the host of a show called Content Marketing NEXT.  During her day-to-day activities, she is a voiceover professional, producer for the Content Marketing Institute’s Podcast Network, and a coach for others looking to get into podcasting. 

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On this show Pamela shares some great insights for marketers looking to get into podcasting and ways to determine what makes sense for your organization.

The Threes

I asked Pamela what three tips she would give a marketing or business professional looking to start a podcast:

  • Don’t worry about the technology yet – There are so many aspects that go into producing a quality show and the technology can always be upgraded over time.  So software, microphones, cameras, feeds, etc., these will all come but focus on what you can deliver and what value you will have.
  • Put the right person behind the microphone – Make sure you have a person who can make a connection with the audience and be willing to be coached by others.
  • When you get to the technology, know why you are buying what you buy – Don’t just go for what’s shiny or what is on sale; find equipment that aligns with your show and your talent for the podcast.