Social Media Playbook of the Kansas City Chiefs

James Royer, KC Chiefs Director of Digital

Featuring: James Royer

Recorded on: November 15, 2015

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Show Description

The Kansas City Chiefs just beat the Denver Broncos, and the fans are going crazy!  In this episode of the Midwest Marketing Show, James Royer, Director of Digital Media for the KC Chiefs, talks about how his team embraces their fans to produce some pretty amazing content and describes why they were voted the most contagious sports team on Facebook.

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The Threes

What are some strategies you can use to interact with your social media audience?

  • Look at the POST Method – People, Objectives, Strategy, then Technology.
  • What content do you have available? – When you understand how the network operates, find how you can make the content work within the network.  Embrace variety.
  • Be Disruptive – Do something out of the ordinary while being true to who you are.


Those who are doing the unexpected.
  • Janitor who refills the tissues
  • Mover who purchased the new stuffed animal for his son