Brightcove Video Cloud with Sitecore CMS

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Brightcove integration with Sitecore is seamless and will allow for content editors to quickly add videos to new or existing content with ease.

In fact, this page was developed using the Brightcove integration with the Sitecore Media Framework. At AJi, we believe in the products we suggest to our client so much that we use them ourselves whenever possible.

Sample of Brightcove's Integration with Sitecore

Feature of Brightcove/Sitecore Integration:

  • Import videos automatically from Brightcove's Cloud
  • Use the Sitecore text editor to add videos or playlists to your pages
  • Apply workflow, permissions, and/or personalizations to your videos
  • Use Sitecore Analytics (DMS) to track when videos are started and stopped
  • Reports to find the most popular videos
  • Upload new videos directly from Sitecore
  • Update video metadata from the Sitecore environment

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