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In the modern age of marketing, we all rely heavily on giving customers, prospects, and influencers the best experience possible. This requires us to create new marketing efforts that in years past, would have been seen as a waste of time. Social media, blogs, podcasts, email, native advertising, and many more types of content have molded the digital landscape and we need systems that can bring insight into how our audiences are interacting with us.

Customer Journeys

Although marketing teams plan a very important part in the sales process, we have to break the funnel mentality and stop viewing our work as top of the funnel only. Leads are very important to business, but what happens after the sale? Is there a group of the public that when they are on our side, they will drive more business than our sales team could ever imagine? These are all stops on the customer journey that we need the assistance of software to track to find out what is working and who is interacting.
Smaller companies need the same tools that the enterprise customers use to reach their audiences. Shouldn’t size of the team dictate how much something cost rather than the upfront price barrier companies use to keep their audience and support teams limited to enterprise? If the product is great, make it affordable so everyone can use it and level the playing field.
Dynamics CRM
Microsoft has answered these questions and more with their latest version of Dynamics CRM. The CRM solution allows you to interact with your customers from service, sales, and marketing teams to give the best experience with your company possible.

The system is flexible enough to be molded to the practices that make your company unique, with the help of a partner like AJi.

Key Benefits:

  • Native Outlook Integration – Track interactions with customers where they happen and look up information without leaving your inbox.
  • No Server Required – You can sign up today with CRM Online and never need to purchase a server. In fact you can access your CRM from a client site, your office, or a mobile phone.
  • Real-time Dashboards – Gather insights for your team or the entire organization for a number of out-of-the-box dashboards or build your own.
  • Office 365 Integration – Your workforce can access your information straight from Office 365 with the same credentials. Administrators can provision security, right from the O365 portals instead of going into CRM administration.
  • Scalable Design – Start small and grow with your business. Customizable forms, views, and entities allow your business to change without the need to retire the system you started with.
  • Enterprise-class – This system can be found in use by companies with 5 employees all the way up to Fortune 100 enterprises.

Key Your System In The Cloud

Microsoft has made every effort to make the CRM Online solutions as good as the on-premise installation. Companies can make the same customizations and install solutions in the cloud that they were able to do when they had their own dedicated environments. With the integration with Office 365 and Windows Azure, to keep this system in-house.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce

Now your team can open Outlook from a coffeehouse or a mobile device for a client meeting to get the latest information about their customers. With applications produced by Microsoft and a number of partners, your mobile device has the full power of CRM accessible to it. If the phone or tablet is not for you, the rich integration with Outlook on a modern lightweight laptop like the Surface Pro is will give you all the power you have sitting at your desk but the flexibility to access from the airport.
AJi Office
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We Use It Everyday To Run Our Business

It is critical that if we suggest a product to our customers, we have experience with it as an organization. It is one thing to say CRM can track customers well, based on reading it in the sales materials but we can show you the customers we track and the integrations we have made to make the platform better fit our organization.

Click Dimensions For Marketing Automation

Integration with your website is key to bring to light the interactions your customers have with your content. ClickDimensions offers a package that brings the web, email, survey, forms, and so much more to your CRM; you can see what customers are doing with the assets you are delivering to them on a regular basis. ClickDimensions has been developed to live inside Dynamics CRM and it works with the on-premise or cloud solution. Learn more about what ClickDimensions offers and how AJi can help you integrate it into your website.
Click Dimensions