The software development team at ScriptPro had fallen behind in their software development process and technology, and needed a resource to bring them up-to-date.


Jeffrey Knight, Vice President of Software Development at ScriptPro, hired AJi Software to retool their software technology by providing straight-up software development services, mentoring, training, and development support.


The move helped Knight’s team bridge the gap from where they were at—to where they needed to be.  “AJi has really helped our development process to become current in the technology stack,” Knight said.  “We’re now focused on more thin-client, web-based cloud apps, which is a huge plus for our business.”

About ScriptPro

ScriptPro develops, provides, and supports state-of-the-art pharmacy systems.  The company has installed thousands of robotic prescription dispensing and workflow systems worldwide.  ScriptPro has offices in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.  The company was recently ranked #1 by KLAS for software and services.  Learn more at

Projects Completed

  • Retool Software Technology—Helped standardize department on best practices with development, mentoring, and training.
  • Pharmaceutical Management Enterprise System—Implementation improved workflow between pharmacies with multiple locations.
  • Web Refill Interface—Integrated with the Pharmaceutical Management Enterprise System to expand reach to online customers.
  • Mobile Refill App—Developed phone/tablet app for mobile refills.

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