Jason Hailey, Manager of Information Management at the VFW, was tasked with completely redesigning the online store at


With a team of only 5 people responsible for managing all data and new projects for 1.5 million members, Hailey turned to AJi.  “We use them as an extension of our staff, since we have limited resources,” he said.  “I can quickly add resources without hiring anyone.”

AJi has lead the implementation of the following solutions packages for the VFW:

  • Aptify - Association Management Software Solution
  • Sitecore - Enterprise Content Management System
  • Insite Commerce - eCommerce Software Platform


AJi completely redesigned the VFW online store to match the look, feel, and functionality of—by revamping the front end, back end, website design, and even the web server client for seamless continuity.  The result?  A better, friendlier experience for users that will ultimately lead to increased sales.

“AJi has a great group of people,” Hailey said.  “They are always willing to help us out, even if it’s just to point us in the right direction.”

About VFW Online Store

Every purchase made at the VFW online store supports VFW programs, which assist veterans, military personnel, and their families. Visit to learn more.

Projects Completed

  • Updated CRM—Upgraded the CRM, Aptify, from Visual Basic 6 to .NET.
  • Redesign VFW Online Store—Performed complete revamp of online store at using SiteCore and InSite Commerce.
  • Responsive Web Design—Updated existing website for better support of phones and tablets using Bootstrap.

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