In 2012, Zahner realized that they needed a new way to manage their inventory—which included everything from sheet metals, to angle irons, to installation tools—all used in their globally famous art and architecture installations.

“Inventory is one of the major costs in our business,” said Ed Huels, Director of IT at Zahner. “It is fairly complex because it is tied to specific jobs.”


After previously partnering with AJi Software on a number of projects, including the design and implementation of a new intranet in 2009, Huels asked them to help find a way to improve the accuracy of their inventory management using smart devices. He wanted to be able to receive orders on skids, scan a QR code on a printed tag, and easily move product from one location to another—using iPods in the shop.


The new system not only accomplishes all of Huels’ objectives, it also displays up-to-date information on the purchase order, quantity received, and date received—and links to their existing inventory management system. AJi also set up the system to be ready for future enhancements, so Huels’ team can make system upgrades.

“The iPhone app that AJi developed saves us time, and keeps things accurate,” Huels said. “It makes it faster and easier to identify where the product is located and get it into production.”

About Zahner

Zahner is an internationally acclaimed engineering and fabrication company, best known for its use of metal in the world of art and architecture. The company employs nearly 200 craftsmen and engineers. Zahner has been in business for 4 generations over 110 years, and operates plants in Kansas City and Dallas.

Projects Completed

  • Intranet Solution—Improved document sharing and workflow by designing, implementing, and training staff on MS SharePoint; customized and integrated with MS Dynamic GP
  • iPhone App—Increased accuracy of inventory management by developing custom iPhone app on Apple IOS that integrates to company’s inventory management system
  • SQL Reports—Improved reporting in financial operations by developing complex, custom SQL reports

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