Dallas Lopez

At heart, Dallas Lopez considers himself AJi Software’s ‘code monkey.’  “I love doing code design, application development, and troubleshooting,” he said.

Dallas is currently writing code for a mobile app for the Manchester Park School District, with a back-end portal that provides parents with live updates on what’s happening in their classrooms.

“I love to dive into a new technology and really get lost in it,” he said.  “I also love to help others learn new technologies.”

Dallas has extensive experience working in PHP, Javascript, HTML5, C#.Net, IIS Web Server, MVC and MS SQL Server.  Before coming to AJi, he stacked up experience as an Application Engineer at a American defense services company and doing Business Technology development at nationwide insurance company. 

 “To be successful in this business, you have to be open to quick changes with a customer,” he said.  “You have to expect that they may not yet know what they want.”

Dallas is a huge fly fisherman who’s fished in northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, southern Missouri, and Iowa.  He has 2 Boston terriers, and enjoys hanging out with his 7-year-old son. 

I love it when we deliver beyond what the client expected on our projects.