Jeff Julian, Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Julian loves it when his team creates awesome software.  In his role as Chief Marketing Officer at AJi, he focuses on delivering that same awesome value to our customers get to our future customers. 

“The key is accuracy—making sure we understand exactly what the customers want, through every step of the customer's journey with AJi,” Jeff said.  “We make sure we empathize with our customers to best understand what their objectives are during every stage of delivery.”

Jeff does not have the traditional marketing background you would expect from a CMO.  As a developer, Jeff has received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for experience in the areas of XML and SharePoint.  He co-authored a bestselling book on SharePoint development and has been a leader in the .NET User Group of Kansas City for over 10 years.

In 2003, Jeff founded a startup software community called  By 2012, when he finally sold the website, it had grown to 2.5 million unique visitors each month with over 100,000 pieces of content.  “You can imagine what is it like to build such a large audience with a small budget.  We had over 100 influencers we worked with on a regular basis to ensure the quality of content met the expectations of the members.  We had a mission of helping others and that was the key to our success.”

“We want to deliver the best quality application possible,” Jeff said.  “We want our customers to be blown away every day by the level of quality they receive from AJi.”

In his free time, Jeff enjoys photography, video production, and hanging out with his wife and two children.

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We want to deliver the best quality software available. We want our customers to be blown away by the quality they get from AJi.

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